Salad Journey

First published June 12, 2017

A new season of fresh produce provides the opportunity to explore new salad combinations.

The abundance is welcome after a lingering spring, and the possibilities are endless. This mix of ingredients from friends at 2 North Parade in Oxford, embraces aroma, texture and flavour... and keeps you wanting more and more.

Roast baby aubergines in foil over direct flame on the stove top (be sure to watch out for the smoke alarm...). The skin becomes blackened and crispy, and the soft flesh inside absorbs the scent of the flames.

This rich smoky favour combines beautifully with organic fregola (otherwise known as giant couscous) to form the basis of a dish that evokes middle-eastern flavours.

Larger grains of aptly named giant couscous absorb more flavour from the surrounding ingredients and add a delightful texture to the dish.

The smokiness from the aubergines pairs perfectly with a mild and creamy ewe milk cheese from the Wigmore Dairy and mixed salad leaves from . A few ripe tomatoes and a sprinkling of rough salt completes the experience.

Garnished with a dip made from Greek yoghurt blended with fenugreek leaves, coriander and lemon juice, this summer dish bursts with flavour and freshness.

Eat and enjoy!

Photography: Ben Robinson Styling: Tanya Robinson