Added Ingredients

First published Aug 6, 2015

A Purveyor of Fine Foods right here on our doorstep.

We are fortunate to have a deli in Abingdon that stocks the best of local foods together with delicacies from all around the world. Serving sandwiches and platters onsite as well as offering an extensive range of products to take home, is a delightful find.

Having sampled lunch in the shop a number of times, we took a selection of ingredients home to extend our summer dining experience that little bit further.

Delicious food starts with simple, fresh ingredients. Despite being overwhelmed by choice for our food purchases in modern Britain (or perhaps because we're paralysed by choice), we tend to settle for food that's most familiar.

One of the things I like most at this local deli is that you can buy small amounts of new things to try, and the advice of experienced staff is a goldmine.  Jill Carver, the founder of 'Added Ingredients' has been helping customers like me discover new tastes for over 13 years.

Eat and enjoy!

Photography: Ben Robinson Styling: Tanya Robinson